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The "Deal" is held until that player lands on a "Buyer" space at any time during the duration of the game. A "Deal" card has no value if .

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    Contents of Payday: Your Payday board game should include the game board, Payday money, 24 Deal cards, 48 Mail cards, six tokens, 1 die, a loan record pad . Pay Day Board Game (Editions may vary): Toys ...
    This edition also lacks the "mad money" cards - a favorite of ours. The game PayDay is fun and educational but this edition is disappointing - I don't know why .

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    How To Play - Pay Day Game - Game Rules - PayDay has always made household . Educational Learning Board and Card Games at The .

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      Payday FreeCell |® Free Online Games
      Try your luck in Payday FreeCell, the classic game of free cell solitaire and rack up tokens by moving the cards from the table to the free cells. The goal of free .

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      Career Pay Day Game/Grades 4-12
      Home Games, Puppets, Motivators, In A Jar Cards, Extras MORE GAMES, MOTIVATORS, AND EXTRAS Career Pay Day Game/Grades 4-12. Career Pay Day .

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      I need the instructions for the board game Payday! I lost my rules ...
      I need the instructions for the board game Payday! . Shuffle the Mail and Deal cards separately, and put each stack face down in Draw piles .

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